Consultation and Brokerage and Chartering

If you need the whole space of the ship on one off basis and or on regular basis ,DMZ Shipping can provide and introduce best options in the market and can help you to make charter party agreement with the owner of the ship with most fair clauses on win/win conditions.

For Open Ships in Week 20 year 2018 please see at bottom of this page (News Heading)


 Bulk Carriage 


For carriage of Project cargo , General cargo and Bulk shipment DMZ Shipping as Forwarder and Broker can recommend and provide best options in the market.


 Container Services


DMZ Shipping is active in providing containerised mode services for carriage of all types of containers including GP , Open Top . Flat Rack containers.


DMZ Sipping Co. (Forwarder, Broker,Chartering ,Consultant and Shipping Agent 

The Top Management of DMZ Shipping is having long experience(over 30 years ) in shipping industry. Their expert is carriage of containers , Bulk and General cargo in different type of ships.DMZ Shipping group is providing all kind of services including consultation and forwarding and brokerage in making fair charter party agreements with reliable Owners of ships.

The advantage of DMZ Shipping is their close contacts with repuitable Owners and their long term experience is shipping indstry in obtaing competitive rates.

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آدرس : South unit, 4th. Floor,No.81,Khorramshahr(Ex Apadana Street) Sohrvardy Ave, Tehran Iran
تلفن : 021-88745195 and 96
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Consultation and Services

DMZ Shipping Co. is providing all kind of services related to carriage of goods by sea and at the same time provides consultation for obtaining the best possible options for your business.

some of related services are:

-Carriage of Containers

-Carriage of Bulk and General Cargo

-Carriage of Project Cargo

-Brokering and chartering of ships


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Questions and Answers

In this section some of the common questions of our customers along with answers are shown.

If you have any particular question please send to our e-mail adress and we are pleased to answer your questions.



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